There are aspects of real estate sales that seem pretty simple. There are many elements of a smooth transaction, however, that are complicated and daunting. 

I can help you with every aspect of buying or selling your home because I’m experienced, because I’m professional . . .and because I care. 

- Gary 

 Gary Sanghera  CRB Associate Broker
Academic qualification : M.A. (Master of Arts)
Experience  : Licensed as a Realtor since January 1981
Achievements in real estate field :
Medallion Member since 1986
Master Medallion Member since 1989
Emerald Master since 1996
Top Realtor of the year in Lakeview Realty 1987,1988, 1989
Top Realtor of the year in Countrywide 1991,1992 ,1994
Countrywide President's Award winner 1991, 1992 ,1994
Countrywide Salesmaster Award winner 1993
Homelife-Benchmark's Performaance Club member :
Since 1995
Homelife Excellence Club member 1996
Homelife Prestige Club member 1997 ,2002, 2003
Homelife Platinum Club member 1999
National Gold Club Member 2001
National Platinum Club member 1997 , 2002
National President's Club Member 2003
National Platinum Club member 2004
National Gold Club member 2005 , 2009
Sutton   Director Award 2011
Sutton   President Award 2012
National Diamond Club member 2006 ,2007,2008
Sutton      Director Award 2011 & 2013, 2014 President Award 2012
Sutton- Platinum Award 2014, 2015 & 2016
Sutton - President Award 2017
Sutton - Director Award 2018, 2019
Sutton Platinum Award 2021

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The relationship between a home buyer or seller and their agent is based on trust, shared goals and understanding.  I strive to continually improve and to do this I listen and take the needs and wants into consideration.

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